Radiology & Ultrasound

Digital Radiography – By using advanced digital x-ray equipment, we ensure accurate, high-quality results with minimal exposure to radiation.  After review by one of our staff veterinarians, our digital images are then sent to a certified radiologist for further review and diagnosis.
Digital x-ray is available at our Glen Carbon and Troy locations.

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Film Radiology– Our satellite veterinarians and technicians are fully trained on our radiology equipment.  This ensures accurate, high-quality results with minimal exposure to radiation. Standard x-ray service is available at our Greenville location.
csxrayUltrasound – Using ultrasound, we can obtain two dimensional images of soft tissues inside your pet’s body. Ultrasound is used extensively for abdominal (kidneys, liver, and gallbladder) and thoracic (heart) exams.
Most ultrasounds are conducted at our Glen Carbon location.  Mobile ultrasound is available.  This can be scheduled at some referral veterinary clinics and at our Troy or Greenville locations.

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